Friday, June 30, 2023

Bobcat Bulletin 6/30/23


That's a wrap!

What a great school year it was!  Sending all my best wishes to each one of the Moretown students and families.  I will miss you all, but luckily I will not be far! 

Wishing you all a great summer filled with joy, community and kindness!



Monday, June 12, 2023

Bobcat Bulletin 6/9/23


The 5th and 6th graders put on a wonderful play!

School News:

PE Posting
Field Day is Monday June 12:

It was fun!

This Week's menu at MES

Monday 6/12 Field Day
#1 Hamburger/Cheeseburger
#2 Hotdogs
#3 Veggie dog
#4 Black Bean Burger
Tortilla Chips
Caesar Salad
Fruit Punch

Tuesday 6/13 Bagged Lunch
#1 Turkey & Cheese
#2 Tuna & Cheese
#3 Veggie & Cheese
#4 Sunbutter

Wednesday 6/13
Macaroni & Cheese
Chocolate Milk

Thursday 6/14 Bagged Lunch - Half Day
#1 Turkey & Cheese
#2 Tuna & Cheese
#3 Veggie & Cheese
#4 Sunbutter

Musical notes
Band/Instrument Note from Carolyn Adams:

It's been a great year for our school instrumental programs, but it is time to wrap up for the year. The last day of band and school music lessons will be Tuesday, June 13th. Both school loaned and Ellis rental instruments must be turned in to Mrs Adams  by Wednesday, June 14th. Ellis rental customers should check with Ellis Music regarding turn in/ rental extension procedures. They can be reached at 802-234-6400  ( preferred )or at

Return Policy

STAFF SPOTLIGHTS (the last few)

Ms. Couturier loves being at Moretown School. She has been the principal for 5 years and is grateful for all the moments. What she loves most about teaching and working in a school is helping kids. She loves school lunch, it was hard to pick a favorite, but breakfast for lunch is the best!

When she is not at MES, Ms. Couturier most enjoys hanging out with her 3 kids and watching movies. Her favorite color is orange most days, some days it is purple. She loves animals. Her favorites are dogs and elephants. Her favorite snack food is chips. She’s never met a chip she didn’t like. Her favorite non-snack food is enchiladas. Someday she’d love to travel back to England and show her family some cool things.

By Sunny R and Ms. Couturier

Mrs. Moore has been in lots of different positions here at MES in the last couple of years. This spring she is covering some leave time for Mr. G. In the fall she will return as an Interventionist.

Mrs. Moore has worked at MES for 10 ½ years. She’s worked with great teacher and students along the way. Her favorite part of teaching is making an impact on students.

Here’s some cool things to know about Mrs. Moore. She was born in Massachusetts and then moved to RI, and then settled in Vermont. Her favorite season is summer, and in her free time she enjoys paddle boarding, biking and walking. She also likes to snowshoe in the winter. Her favorite animal is a horse, her favorite color s blue and her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. It’s going to be great to have Mrs. Moore in her new role next year!

By Mason H and Porter C

Did you know that Moretown School has a handful of staff who also went to school here? Lindsey Nunn is one of those folks! One things she remembers about going to school here is when Ms. H was a teacher :) She’s brand new to working here and the thing she loves best about Moretown School is the people.

Here’s some interesting things about Lindsey. Her favorite school lunch is pasta and her favorite season is spring. She loves the color yellow and her favorite holiday is Easter. Her favorite animals are cats. And in her free time she likes to do crafts and puzzles. We are fortunate to have Lindsey here with us, and keep our school clean and tidy. Thanks Lindsey!

By Jack G and Addie C

Parlez vous fran├žais? Well, if you do, Madame is someone you should connect with! Madame Lindberg has studied French for over 46 years…and is still learning! She acquired French while she was growing up in France. She continues to learn French by reading books and watching movies and shows all in french/ She has a brother and a sister and two kids. She also has a rabbit named Pepper as a pet. She loves the colors pink, blue and purple; her favorite color is periwinkle and her favorite food is mango.

At Moretown and Fayston Schools, she teaches French to students in kindergarten through 6th grade. She also has taught French to adults, but prefers to teach kids! She travels to France as often as she can.

By Blake, Madame and Ms. Couturier

Community News/Opportunities

Please note that the opportunities/events listed below are not specifically endorsed or screened by school staff. As always, families should use their own standards and review processes to determine appropriate activities.

  The Valley Players, a local theater company from Waitsfield, VT, have announced that this year's Summer production is Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka! On July 9th, with the help of area sponsors, the Valley Players will host a Sensory Friendly matinee at 2:00. This show welcomes guests and their families that require a different atmosphere to experience the joy of the theater as well as first-time theatergoers and young children. All patrons are welcome in this fun, safe, and non-judgmental environment. To make this experience more comfortable, we will have limited seating in family groupings. Tickets for this event will be at a reduced cost thanks to our generous sponsors. There will be no ticket sales at the door the day of the show. All tickets will need to be purchased in advance online to ensure that we can accommodate everyone. Please visit for tickets.


  All guests are encouraged to come as their amazing selves! If someone in your party would benefit from bringing something that would make this experience more successful for them (ex: headphones, handheld fidgets, chewy tubes...), please feel free to bring these items with you the day of the show. Patrons are free to be who they are and take breaks, entering or exiting the theater as needed throughout the show. We will have a trained volunteer staffed sensory space for guests to use outside of the theater if they need a break from the show.


Local Student Actors (Some making their Community Theater Debut):

Zane Demarais (BTMES/Websterville), Jane Schaefer (Harwood/Waitsfield), Camille Edgcomb (Harwood/Warren), Naomi Niewiadomski (Waitsfield), Tarin Askew (Harwood/Warren), Tommy O'Grady (Waitsfield), Sunny Randall (Moretown), Ava Robinson (Warren), and Elizabeth Treacy (Fayston)


"A Sensory Friendly performance is a theater production that welcomes individuals with sensory needs, including people on the autism spectrum, as well as first-time theatergoers and young children. The show is modified to allow for patron movement, staff and actors are trained to accommodate patron needs, and all patrons are welcome to experience theater in a safe, non-judgmental environment."


Quiet Space: We will set up an outdoor canopy/designated space. 


Devices: Communication devices are encouraged for those that depend on them.


Other accommodations: We should encourage guests to bring what they feel will help make their experience successful. This could include: headphones, handheld fidgets, chewy tubes...Guests are welcome and free to be who they are and take breaks as needed. Our house lights will be dimmed but not off. Intensity of sounds and lighting effects will be reduced. This is also the first show for some of our actors and we are all here to have fun!


Volunteers: We will need volunteers on the day of the show to staff the sensory area and a couple of ushers/people to help with the doors and guests needs inside of the show. These will be people that have been trained or have experience prior to the show to be on hand and assist with patron needs. (We will reach out to our "Buddies List" to see if any are available for this event as many have been trained previously.)



This is sponsored in part by Washington County Mental Health Services, the home of the Imagination Station Snoezelen Room.

Friday, June 2, 2023

Bobcat Bulletin 6/2/23


5th/6th grade Egyptian Masks

School News:

Some important dates:
  • 6/2/23- Step Up Day was Today!

Happy 1st/2nd graders at Step-Up

  • June 12- Field Day
  • June 13- 6th grade graduation
  • June 13- Last ECO
  • June 13- 3/4 field trip
  • June 14- report cards travel home with students
  • June 15- Last Day of School (11:30 dismissal)

Staff Spotlights:

Who makes sure everything is in working order at Moretown School? Mr. Wagner is awesome! He has been making MES run smoothly for 18 years! His office is downstairs and he helps clean the building and cleans up the snow too. We see him working hard everyday, let’s learn a little bit more about him. He helps with lunch everyday and his favorite school lunch is pizza. His favorite colors are blue and orange and he loves video games. His favorite holidays are Halloween and his birthday and his favorite animals are cats and fish. Thanks Mr. Wagner!

By Callum T and Ms. Couturier

Is your kid going into 1st or 2nd grade at Moretown school? Great! Ms Thompson is a 1st and 2nd grade teacher and she's great at her job! She loves the kids and she's great with them! She has all different fun things to do in her classroom, your kid could either be in her normal class, or could be in her math or literacy class! Either way, she's great at what she does and will teach your kid all sorts!
Inside school
Ms Thompson's favorite part of Moretown school is how nice everybody is! Ms Thompson decided to be a teacher because she loves working with kids! Ms Thompson could, really likes first and second grade!
Outside school
Ms Thompson's favorite color is teal, she has a couple pets! Two cats, Gus and Jerry! Ms Thompson has a couple hobbies that includes reading, going to the lake, painting, listening to music, knitting, and watching netflix. Ms Thompsns favorite season of the year is summer, and her favorite food is chocolate!

Overall, Ms Thompson is a great teacher! She's a good person inside and outside school, she loves the kids and how funny they are. She's an awesome first and second grade teacher, she's great with the kids!
By Isla H

Do you know who is an awesome skater and hockey player at Moretown School? It’s Ms. Gillen. We call her Ms. G. Here’s a little about her. Purple is her favorite color, and she is not a big fan of mustard yellow. Her favorite school lunch is stromboli. An elephant is her favorite animal and she is a fan of Thanksgiving. She’s really good at taking care of horses and has a big dog and two cats at home.

This is Ms. G’s 6th year at Moretown School. She still remembers some of the students who were here when she started. They’re all in high school now. Her favorite thing about working here is that she gets to help kids learn about everything.

By Lucille, Elaina and Ms. Couturier

Any idea which staff member has more than 30 Lego sets here at school?  Yep, I bet you all knew it is Mr. Stevenson.  Mr. “Steve” as many students call him, is our school counselor here at Moretown School.  He has been part of the Moretown School staff since 2011, that’s 11 awesome years.  He loves his work because he enjoys both working and having fun with students.  His favorite lessons combine some of his favorite things; robotics and social emotional learning.  He also loves to teach lessons around collaborative and adventure-based challenges.

When he is not rocking the whole teaching thing, Mr. Stevenson can be found hiking, paddleboarding, biking or traveling.  He loves to hike in Vermont, and has hiked too many peaks to list.  His favorite hike is to head up White Rock from Middlesex head to Mt. Hunger, and then return.  His favorite places to travel are our national parks, and he is always up for an adventure!  A couple more things to know are that Mr. Stevenson has a cat, his favorite animals are turtles and his favorite color is green.  We’re awfully glad that he spends his non-traveling time with us at MES!

By. Ms. Couturier

Do you know who has many great books for everybody to enjoy? Ms Jenny! Ms Jenny really loves to read and she also likes to make tea. She also has a relaxing area in her class room. She also really loves art. She loves the outdoors and she also really loves animals.

Ms Jenny is a great preschool teacher and she loves to teach. Her favorite color is blue. She also really likes eco and. And she also has a lot of good books, for example she really likes Elephant and Piggie. She also loves to learn about animals. If you want a great preschool teacher then come to Moretown school.

By Billy J.

In school

Did you know Ms.Adams teaches at 4 different schools and teaches a variety of instruments. and she likes how kind the students are at moretown. She started her music career playing harp and clarinet and then moved to many other instruments like trombone flute drums and bells.

Outside of school

Ms.Adams has two cats named Cleo and Ella. Her favorite colors are green and purple. She once stood on a narrow ledge thousands of feet above the ground. Ms.Adams’s favorite place on earth is Venice, Italy. and her favorite animal is a cat. All in all, Ms. Adams is an excellent band teacher and an amazing teacher. I know from experience, she teaches me drums.

By Graham G

Ms. Patty thinks the best thing about MES is working with super nice people and smart, kind kids. Her favorite lunch is pizza! What she likes best about preschool is when the preschoolers tell jokes that they make up and think they are hilarious. Also,when they go up to the ECO forest and "eating" all of the special mud pies and cakes the preschoolers have made...very delicious!

When not at MES, she loves to downhill ski in winter and paddleboard in summer. Her favorite holiday is hard to choose between Thanksgiving and Christmas...such good food and family! Her favorite animal is a very cute kitten. Her favorite snack food is Whales crackers and her favorite color is green.

By Ms. Patty Kirpan and Ms. Couturier

We are so lucky to have some amazing subs here at Moretown School. Ms. Liane Couture is one of those awesome substitute teachers. She is with us every single week for at least one day a week. She loves helping with ECO and being with kids. Kids are her very favorite part of teaching. She started subbing here at MES last year after retiring from being a school counselor in Northern Vermont. She has worked at many Vermont Schools over her career.

When she is not working in school she likes to walk her dog and spend time outdoors. Here’s a couple other things to know about her. Liane’s favorite animals are dogs and cows. Her favorite school lunch is tacos and she loves the color blue. We are so fortunate to have Liane with us each week at Moretown School.

Who keeps us safe during recess?

Ms Hennessy does. Ms Hennessy grew up in San Diego and moved to Vermont in 2003. Ms Hennessy is also known as Laura. All of the kids call her Ms Hennessy. Ms Hennessy does recess duty and also helps in classrooms. At school Ms Hennessy enjoys seeing all the children having fun while working. Ms Hennessy has been working on and off in schools since 1996.
At home and other places Ms Hennessy enjoys gardening in her yard on warm sunny days and reading a book called To Kill A Mockingbird. Ms Hennessy loves horses and the color red. Ms Hennessy’s favorite subject is English and plants. Ms Hennessey LOVES seeing the kids and staff. Ms Hennessy is so happy she has such a great job at Moretown school. And we are happy to have her at our school.
By Lynden Atkinson

PE Posting

Fish Toss!


Library/Tech 411
All library books should make their way back to Mrs. Willard next week please...

Musical notes
Wrapping up Band: Return Instruments
It's been a great year for our school instrumental programs, but it is time to wrap up for the year. The last day of band and school music lessons will be Monday June 12. Both school loaned and Ellis rental instruments must be turned in to Mrs Adams  by Wednesday, June 14th. Ellis rental customers should check with Ellis Music regarding turn in/ rental extension procedures. They can be reached at 802-234-6400  (preferred ) or at  Two other helpful links are:  
Their Return Policy
Their Return Notification

We Heart Art

Look at this beautiful piece of art!!

This week at ECO

Dandelion Dip with Allison Dellner

Community News/Opportunities

Please note that the opportunities/events listed below are not specifically endorsed or screened by school staff. As always, families should use their own standards and review processes to determine appropriate activities.

Last Read & Play Before Summer
Friday, June 9th 10:30am
We invite children and their caregivers to join us for our last Read & Play before our summer pause. Enjoy free play big and small, then finish up with stories and songs.

Cellos in the Morning
Saturday, June 10th
Drop in to hear Suzanne Smith, principal cellist of the Montpelier Chamber Orchestra, and a group of friends and neighbors as they play pieces for cello ensemble. This family friendly event will also include several musical children’s stories in between and the group will be available for questions and give you a chance to get up close to a cello!

Strawberry Storytime
Sunday, June 25th
Pony Farm, 182 Pony Farm Rd
Join the Moretown Library for a special outdoor family storytime celebrating all things strawberries. Enjoy free play followed by stories and songs. Perfect for ages 0-5 and their caregivers, older children are also welcome. Conditions permitting, PYO berries will also be available in the patch for their regular fee.

MRV Libraries' 4th Annual
T-Shirt Design Collaboration
The theme of this year's MRV Libraries' Summer Learning Program is "All Together Now", so we're celebrating community of all kind. First up, we need your help to create this year's collaborative T-shirt design! We're inviting you to draw a Community Helper (anyone who takes care of you, your family, your friends or your community: farmers, babysitters, green-up day helpers, coaches, etc.)! Stop by Warren, Joslin, or Moretown Libraries for a form with more details, or access it online here

Designs are due Friday, May 26th. Once we have them all, we’ll edit submissions together and print on T-shirts available for purchase this summer. All contributing artists may buy a shirt at a discount. Proceeds from this project go toward future summer programming.

Moving Light Dance to perform 'The Wizard of Oz'
 June 3rd and 4th        Sat: 7pm, Sun: 2pm       Barre Opera House

Moving Light Dance is proud to announce the the Spring 2023 performance will be L. Frank Baum's classic, 'The Wizard of Oz'. All students enrolled in the Spring 2023 session will be eligible to perform in the production.

For those befuddlingly unfamiliar: "When a tornado rips through Kansas, Dorothy and her dog, Toto, are whisked away in their house to the magical land of Oz. They follow the Yellow Brick Road toward the Emerald City to meet the Wizard, and en route they meet a Scarecrow that needs a brain, a Tin Man missing a heart, and a Cowardly Lion who wants courage. The wizard asks the group to bring him the broom of the Wicked Witch of the West to earn his help.
                       _____________    SUMMER PROGRAMMING _______________
MRV Summer FUNd  Summer Activity Scholarship Fund  The MRV Summer FUNd is here to help ensure that children in the valley who want to participate in summer programs, but for whom the cost would exclude participation, are given the opportunity.

Children must be school aged, 4-18, and either attend one of the valley schools, live in the valley or have parents who work in the valley. The camps can be local or national, day or sleep away. Please note that camps fill up quickly and many camps have already opened up their application process. So don't delay and don't hesitate to apply if you need a little extra help. Every effort will be made to process requests within one week.

Please fill out a separate form for each child. Here is a link to the MRV Summer FUNd form

Summer Farm and River Camps at Living Tree Alliance
Living Tree Alliance's camps immerse children in the life of our homestead, rivers and forests through farming, cooking, nature crafts, swimming, and forest and field games, Every morning we rotate through stations of cooking, crafts and farming putting our hands together to grow food for the food bank and enjoy play in our natural playground and tree house.

In the afternoon, we explore the forest through play, fort building and of course spend ample time splashing in the Mad River and Dowsville Creek. Our property has a private swimming beach on the river and wonderful clay deposits for endless body painting, building and exploration. Join us for some old fashioned fun offered for three weeks this summer. Please inquire about paying per diem if your child can not attend for the week.

July 24-28 ( ages 4- 7 ) NEW Preschool Camp
July 10-14th (Ages 6-12 )
August 14-18th ( Ages 6-12) - * If your kids are in NOW, this provides programming this week when they are closed. 

Registration and Information at

Spring Hill Summer Camp   Looking for a unique summer camp for your preschool aged child? Join us at Spring Hill Summer Camp. The hours are 8:30am-2:30pm, 4 days per week. The cost is $175 per session.      
Session 1: Week 1    June  20-23: Potion Making    (Tuesday-Friday)
Together we will explore our senses (and imaginations) while playing and creating different potions. 

Week 2   June 26-29: Exploring Water  (Monday-Thursday)
We will spend time investigating our stream and the neighborhood pond, as well as play with our water table too. This will be a wet camp! 
This camp opportunity is for children ages 3-5 years old. Please register your child at this link.
Contact Laura at 496.2139 or if you have any questions.

Friday, May 19, 2023

Bobcat Bulletin 5/19/23


So excited for the art show this weekend!

Yes, another ART SHOW!

At Lareau's Farm

School News:

Who has a raccoon as her KIT animal? It's Mrs. Wulff! This is her sixth year at MES. She loves working with with kids and loves that everyday is different.

When she is not at school, she likes to do many different things; like reading, sewing, running and playing outside. She loves the color blue and is not a fan of red. Her favorite animal is a zebra. Her favorite school lunch is pizza and her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.

By Lucille and Mrs. Couturier

Lisa Martin joined our staff this year and is loving her time in preschool. She says her favorite part about teaching is the kids. Period. Her favorite thing about preschool is making books and art with preschoolers. Her favorite school lunch is shepherds pie. She loves being part of the MES community and says the best thing about MES is the people.

When she’s not at school, Ms. Lisa enjoys hiking and walking her dog. Dogs are her favorite animals, and she is a big fan of all things natural. Her favorite holiday is Christmas. Her favorite sweet treat is a snickers bar. Her favorite color is green. We are glad Ms. Lisa joined the Pines and Maples classes this year.

By Porter C, Mason H and Ms. Couturier

Have you learned about an interventionist ? Now you're about to learn . Before Mr.G taught at Moretown Elementary school he taught at Morristown and the resin Mr.G became a teacher because he thought he had something to give, and he'd always work with kids. Mr. G's opinion about Moretown School is, “this school is magical.” Mr.G’s favorite subject in third grade was social studies and Mr.G’s favorite subject at M.E.S is E.C.O. The farthest Mr.G’s traveled for work is Denali, Alaska home to the biggest mountain in North America.

Mr.G's favorite color is green and Mr.G does not have a pet. Mr.G has played his guitar in little punk rock concerts. The farthest Mr.G has traveled for fun is Italy and Europe. The sports Mr.G does are biking and skiing. I’m so happy that Mr.G came to M.E.S to help third grade math and much more.

By Elliott N

A note from Mr. Gedmin: 
To the Moretown Community,

I want to share with you that I will not be returning to Moretown Elementary School next year. My family is planning to take a "gap year," and do some traveling before settling back into Chicago for a while, so we can be close to my family. 

It's a hard school to leave, and I don't expect to find another place as special as Moretown. It has been a wonderful chapter of my life, and it has been a tremendous pleasure to work as an Interventionist with the amazing students and teachers of Moretown. 

With gratitude,
Mark Gedmin

Do you want to meet a lady who loves to laugh? Well you are about to. Meet mrs. willard.

Mrs. Willard came from Texas in a car. She has a pet snake. Mrs. Willard is our school librarian. Mrs. Willard has been teaching for 4 years in Moretown. She likes to help kids with technology. Mrs. Willard is reallly smart when coding in tech class.
Mrs. willards favorite books to read is Harry Potter. Mrs. Willard does NOT want to go back to Texas any time soon! Mrs. Willard does NOT like to camp at all. Mrs. Willards favorite subject is science.

Mrs.Willard's favorite color is green. Her Willards favorite holiday is Christmas. I hope you learned a lot about a lady who likes to laugh.

By Logan L

Recently, I got to sit down with one of the newest 1st and 2nd grade teachers Ms C.

There have been multiple Ms. C’s in the school but this is the newest Ms. C. This Ms. Cournoyer is the second teacher Ms. C to teach grades ½. Ms. C has been teaching for 14 years but not just at this school she also taught at Barre Town Elementary School. She likes teaching because Ms. C likes to work in a small community and she likes that she has an impact on others lives.

Some other things Ms. C likes to do is to go to the river and cool off at the Mad River in the summer. and a winter activity Ms. C. likes to go and ski at Bolton Valley and out west where it’s a lot sunnier/warmer. She also likes to cook Thai food and Mexican inspired food as well. She also likes baking for others as well

Now you know about one of your ½ grade teacher Ms. C.

By Creighton V

SEL Scoop

Optimistic Thinking

For Families and Caregivers:

How's Your Day Going?

Before you keep reading, take a moment to think about some of the things that happened to you today. Even better, grab a pen and write down a few specific events.

So what did you come up with? Was it mostly positive things like: “I completed that project that I’ve been working on.  I tackled that pile of laundry that I’ve been meaning to get to!  I almost met my goal of drinking enough water today!” Or did your mind land on what went wrong: “I didn’t meet my goal of 10,000 steps.  My employees didn’t get as much done as I had hoped.  I wasn’t able to balance the checkbook.  Oh look - it’s raining AGAIN!”  

Optimism Is Healthy

It turns out that an optimistic attitude helps us be happier, more successful, and healthier. Optimism can protect against depression — even for people who are at risk for it. An optimistic outlook makes people more resistant to stress. Optimism may even help people live longer.

As your children continue to grow and learn, it's important to encourage them to think positively and embrace an optimistic mindset. While it may seem like a small thing, optimistic thinking can have a significant impact on your child's academic performance and overall well-being.

First and foremost, optimistic thinking helps to build resilience. When faced with challenges or setbacks, students who approach the situation with a positive attitude are more likely to persevere and find solutions. This resilience not only helps them succeed academically but also prepares them for the ups and downs of life.

In addition, an optimistic outlook can lead to increased motivation and engagement in school. When students believe that their efforts will be noticed and seen, they are more likely to put in the time and energy required to succeed. Conversely, students who approach their work with a defeatist attitude are more likely to give up quickly and miss out on the benefits of hard work and perseverance.

Finally, optimistic thinking can improve mental health and overall well-being. Research has shown that individuals who have a positive outlook on life are less likely to experience depression and anxiety, and are better able to cope with stress.

As parents and caregivers, there are many ways you can encourage your child to adopt an optimistic mindset. You can model positive thinking yourself, by focusing on the good in situations and avoiding negative self-talk. You can also praise your child's efforts and help them see the positives in even challenging situations.

By fostering optimistic thinking in your child, you are setting them up for success both in and out of the classroom. Thank you for your continued support in helping your child develop into a confident and resilient individual.

How to Be More Optimistic

If you tend toward mostly pessimistic thinking, you can get better at seeing what's good. Here are some things to try:

  • Notice good things as they happen. At the end of each day, take 10 minutes to run through your day and come up with things that you're grateful for. If you’d like, write them down.  Go for a Gratitude Walk - as you walk, think of all the positives - even the small stuff!

  • Train your mind to believe you can make good things happen in your life. Get in a habit of telling yourself specific things you can do to succeed. For example: "If I study, I can get a better grade." "If I practice, I'll perform well at the audition." "If I go on that volunteer trip, I'll meet new friends."

  • Don't blame yourself when things go wrong. What does your inner voice say when things don't go as planned? Instead of thinking, "I failed that math test because I'm terrible at math," tell yourself: "I failed that test because I didn't study enough. I won't let that happen next time!" Instead of saying, "Grace broke up with me because I'm such a loser," think: "Now I know why people say breakups are so painful, but hanging out with my friends will help me feel better again."

  • When something good happens, give yourself credit. Consider the actions you took to enable a positive result. Did you prepare yourself for the exam? Dedicate yourself to practicing? Reflect on the skills you used and how that contributed to your success.

  • Remind yourself that setbacks are temporary. As soon as something goes wrong, remind yourself that it will pass — and come up with a plan for making that happen. For example: "My SAT results aren't what I hoped, but I can study more and take the test again."

  • Notice how other people talk about themselves. Are friends and family members optimistic or pessimistic? For example, does your dad say, "I burned the hot dogs, I'm just a terrible cook!"? Or does he say: "I burned the hot dogs because I got distracted watching the dog chase a squirrel around the backyard!"?